Minolta Lens Perfect Data

There are several sources with Minolta lenses lists, but the most accurate is a “book about Minolta” with the separated part “Minolta Lens – Perfect Data”(pdf is here). It is attractive because this data is provided by the company itself. And it unambiguously sorts all Minolta SLR lenses into just 4 categories. And yet, unmistakably and with totally correct optical designs. It looks like a miracle after the classifications that are used among collectors (due to their high demands for details). I believe that for the average user this is the best source – simple and clear.

So, the moment came when I got tired of opening the pdf on page 97  and starting to scroll down, so I decided to put these incredible tables on the site simply in the form of pictures for quickly viewing.

The article – is the translation from Japanese, there is no my ideas. Additionally, in the bottom – the description of the differences between the Minolta lenses is presented, it is also very clear.

The Complete Collection of Minolta SLR Lenses

The “Minolta mount” appeared at the same time as the first Minolta SR-2 single-lens reflex camera and has been gradually developed. In total, the number of Minolta lenses is 277 pieces. (more…)