Techart PRO Leica M – Sony E Adapter with Auto-Focus – review

Techart PRO Leica M – Sony E Adapter review

I’ve got a few questions from friends about what I think about Techart PRO adapter, so this short article is something like an answer, just my personal opinion.

Disclaimer: I didn’t have any deals with Sony and Techart companies.

Techart PRO Leica M – Sony E Adapter + Minolta MC Rokkor PG 58mm F1.2

Techart PRO Leica M – Sony E Adapter – why this tool is cool

I bought a Sony A7 the first mirrorless Full Frame camera immediately as it became available. At that moment I already had a quite good collection of manual lenses and didn’t like to use them on digital crop-cameras. Also, I make many photos of my family and friends, so thin DOF is required quite often to hide the home- or street- environment on the pictures. ‘Focus peaking’ can help photographers in many cases but it definitely unusable for portraits because people moves and time for focusing with focus peaking is insufficient. For me at least. After I’ve read fresh reviews about Techart PRO I ordered an adapter and changed my A7 to A7II, because the first generation of ‘Sony7’ isn’t supported. (more…)