Minolta MD 500mm F8 RF with two 2x converters or ‘Minolta MD 2000mm F32.0’

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Minolta MD 500mm F8 RF with two 2x converters

It’s a good time to test something with a 2m focal distance. Just for fun.

As you can see on the photo, here we have the set of:

  • Minolta MD RF 500mm 1:8
  • Minolta MD 2x Tele Converter 300-S
  • Minolta MD 2x Tele Converter 300-L

As a result: the optical system with 2000mm focal distance and effective aperture F32. This set has been mounted on Sony Alpha 7II camera, 35mm/24mpx.

Very compact size for such abilities, however.

Here is the review of the lens

Here is something like a review of Minolta MD 2x Tele Converter 300-S

What about Converter 300-L – there are no tests on the site for today. I just can say that this converter has been designed for “Long lenses” – “L”, and suitable for Minolta(s) equal or longer than 300mm focal distance.

The preview of the environment taken with a standard 50mm lens

Minolta MD 500mm F8 RF with two 2x converters - scene preview

Red square, as you guessed, is the frame area for our “Minolta MD 2000mm F32.0”.

Camera settings:

  • ISO 800
  • 1/800
  • F32
  • IBIS is ON and set for 1m lenses
  • Tripod and additional support for the lens

RAW has been converted in Capture One with slight light correction – no any affecting for resolution or contrast. JPEG quality 80%.

By the way: three shots have been taken in purpose to select the one, it is needed to avoid consequences of misfocusing or shaking, but all three were fine and looks like a twins. For me, it means that set can be used with quite big confidence in the stable result.

OK, looks enough of a data, so… Ta-Daaaam

Minolta MD 500mm F8 RF with two 2x converters – this is it (clickable of course)

Minolta MD 500mm F8 RF with two 2x converters - sample


I’m not sure that the conclusion is needed here, but why not? This set is much better than I expected at least, not a fantastic of course but enough usable. The experiment is successful.

Have fun!


Marc Beebe · 2019-05-19 at 20:58

That experiment was wildly whacky, possibly pointless, and wonderfully whimsical!
Every now and then you have to do something just to see if you can. 😉

    Tony · 2019-05-19 at 21:20

    You are right. And a couple of beer-cans can help to start ))

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